Ukrainian dream vis-à-vis European Union

Who could find more idealistic approach towards the European Union than the one we saw during the Euromaidan in Ukraine? The events of 2013-2014 in Kyiv have proven true aspiration of Ukrainian citizens to share European values and to stand for a rapprochement with the European Union. Since then, slogans and manifestos from the street … More Ukrainian dream vis-à-vis European Union

‘It’s the Gas, Stupid.’ or Slovakia in-between the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

When the gas dispute between Ukraine and Russia occurred in January 2009, Slovakia was the only Member state of the European Union to declare a state of emergency. The country was not prepared for such a crisis: at that time, 100% of its gas supplies were coming from Russia and the gas strategic reserves to … More ‘It’s the Gas, Stupid.’ or Slovakia in-between the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Ukraine: what comes after Euromaidan?

In November 2013, Ukraine’s civil society demonstrated its willingness to take a step towards the European integration at the very heart of Kyiv Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square). Continuous protests lasted several months and led to a resignation of the former President Viktor Yanukovych in late February 2014. A newly elected President Petro Poroshenko was at … More Ukraine: what comes after Euromaidan?

A trip to Flanders Fields: some reflections.

On September 16, students of the College of Europe had a very educational and overall useful visit to Flanders fields. I have to say that it was indeed touching to see numerous graves of unknown heroes who sacrificed their lives for future generations. I admire the efforts that were made by European governments to preserve … More A trip to Flanders Fields: some reflections.