Our first issue of 2o17 is out!

Curious about the year of the rooster? In the new issue our writers reflect on the year ahead. Also: insights to the situation in South Sudan, the perilous situation in Oude Zak and poetic reflections on life at the college. Enjoy!

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The Holiday Issue

Between exams and ice skating, we managed to pull together a short December issue, reflecting on the year that has passed and some of the events that shaped our perception of it. Good riddance 2016! LVC wishes you a happy holiday and a good read.

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Our first issue of the semester is out

We are starting out where our predecessors left off, by taking another critical look at gender equality, both at the College and beyond.

The lack of gender balance is a serious issue that exists on all levels and needs to be further addressed both within our own institution and the European Union.

Our dossier of the month “Women on the rise?” was formulated as a question in order to give us room to explore the directions in which female empowerment is heading. As our articles illustrate, there are no clear-cut answers. For the pursuit of gender equality, it is still to a great extent a matter of “one step forward, two steps back”.

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Dossier Nwsp

Every issue of ours addresses a special and current topic of the public debate in details. In February 2016, our dossier was focused on love and hate: