About us

La Voix du Collège | The Collège Voice is the bilingual newspaper of the College of Europe‘s students. We are a non-profit student initiative founded in September 2015. Our aim is to provide our students with a forum where they can freely express themselves and share their experiences.

The ideas and sentiments expressed in articles on this site are those of the individual writers and do not reflect the point of view of our editorial staff collectively, unless explicitly stated so. All published content must be in line with the Editorial Chart of La Voix du Collège.

La Voix du Collège | The College Voice est le journal bilingue des étudiants du Collège d’Europe. Notre initiative étudiante, fondée en Septembre 2015, est dépourvue de but lucratif. Notre but est d’offrir à nos étudiants une tribune où ils peuvent s’exprimer librement et partager leurs expériences.

Any comment or concern ? Send us an e-mail: lavoixducollege@coleurope.eu
Un commentaire ? Envoie nous un e-mail à lavoixducollege@coleurope.eu

Submission ideas are welcome at editors.lvc@coleurope.eu

Support us ! Soutenez nous !


Editor in Chief: Beata Thor

Publicity manager: Jessica Ní Mhainín

Head of fundraising: Lisa Magnes

Dossier Editor: Jessica Ní Mhainín

Politics Editor: Elise Cuny Deputy Editors:  Cora Herwartz, Bram De Botselier

Business Editor: Charly Hunter Deputy Editors: Veronica Malkevich, Julia Schulte

College Editor: Vincent Delhomme Deputy Editor: Alba Brojka

Culture Editor: Sumaya Quillian Deputy Editor: Ann Kemmer

Design: Hana Hudak

Our team: Sıla Coşkunoğlu, Maria Christina Stavridou, Nye Williams-Renouf


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