“Das Leben der Anderen” — a German initiative to know your neighbours

Life in the residences

Photo: Nino Pruidze

One week ago, a quite original initiative was thrown in the residence of Oude Zak, modestly called “le Château”, in order to bring the students of the residence (even) closer. The concept was ingenious and came from one of our German compatriots, combining great creativity, a bold sense of organisation and a French name: “Le Tour des Chambres” was born. Every inhabitant of Oude Zak willing to participate had to welcome the rest of the students into their rooms in turn, trying to make the best out of it — or buying their silence with drinks and snacks.

By: Elise Cuny

It could have been a plot designed by the residence ladies to force us to tidy up our rooms – but in the end it was real, and it was N.I.C.E; not only was it an occasion to re-assess the size of the residence (and therefore do some serious exercise climbing all the stairs), but it was a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours better and differently! You thought you knew them pretty well after observing their habits at breakfast? Wait until you see what they read, their sense of decoration, or what they serve you as drinks: you might be surprised! Besides having discovered some “château within the château” and rooms containing more types of alcohol than the Liquidity Trap, it reminded us how nice it was to live in a residence, and that size doesn’t matter — being the biggest one doesn’t prevent us from being a big family (sorry Rozendael – you don’t have exclusivity on this one!).

So – if you think your residence could profit from such activity, if you are curious to discover your colleagues’ rooms or if you are simply searching for a good new excuse to party, follow the Oude Zak’s move and organize a Tour des Chambres in your own residence! Careful of the secondary effects, however — the Oude Zakers discovering somehow a passion for dance at the end of the night, from the traditional Irish to Turkish dances, not to mention a mythic reproduction of Dirty Dancing.

Another advice: if ever your room number is 007 — don’t try to make Vodka Martini with olives; it would appear only James Bond can enjoy them, and sadly he couldn’t make it this time.



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