Let’s talk about last night


Did you miss the first student rep debate in the history of our beloved institution? Here is all you need to know before you cast your vote! We had four debates, and four very different atmospheres.

By: Vincent Delhomme

IRD: The Comedy round

(MUSCIO Monica, HASANI Lolita, TOSCHI Stéphanie, FIORELLINI Sante Alessandro, WILLIAMS-RENOUF Nye, BOYASHOV Anatoly, GIMENO César)

A panda, a bird, a butterfly, a human, a wolf, a bear and a honey badger -We had quite a range of exotic spirit animals that perfectly suited the international character of IRD and its seven colorful candidates, who all gave us a warm and spontaneous debate. Unsurprisingly, they all expressed the will to build bridges and to listen carefully to their fellow students. What caught our attention from the first round of presentation? Anatoly is running on a ‘no proposals’ platform and Alessandro is particularly critical towards a system where students are, according to him, “entitled to nothing”. But all have great and overlapping ideas to build, as Nye put it, a “stronger and more united student voice”.

Would they carry through their projects even if not elected? Interesting question indeed and, guess what, all candidates gave it a clear YES. Except Anatoly, of course, who firmly decided to stand as the outlier yesterday evening.

They were then asked to tell the crowd a fun fact about themselves, something that clearly ought to be fully reproduced:

  • Anatoly left the hallowed halls of academia to come to the CoE.
  • Stéphanie’s mom is a bodybuilder.
  • Nye did ballet and was beautiful at it.
  • Monica laughed so hard she was heard on the other side of Sicilia (for those who have not tried to study in the library while she is sitting in the garden, believe me this is the plain truth).
  • César has the face of a former hook-up pinned on the College walls (let’s find out who it is!).
  • Alessandro got sunburned in England in September.
  • Lolita apparently did a lot of funny stuff last month, though she would rather not talk about it.

To be noted: the bilingual speeches of Monica and Nye, the only ones of the twenty-two candidates’.

 POL: The Professionals


Moving from Club Med to the tough worlds of politics, it came as no surprise that the talk suddenly got more serious. More proposals, more career related ideas, more public speaking. POL people, you are now warned: whoever wins is going to reach for the stars. Our picks? The touching personal story of Diana and her Costa Rican/Hungarian background and the six cardinal P’s of Paul de POL:  Professionalism, Peace,  Passion, Presence, Promotion and Project.

Since all politicians should be held accountable, here is what they answered when asked how they would celebrate their victory on Thursday, and which politician they would choose to have dinner with:

  • Paul offers his own apartment (no night-watchmen !!!) // Emmanuel Macron
  • Veerle dresses up as Hillary Clinton // Angela Merkel
  • James: something about drunken creativity in Biskajer’s courtyard // Nigel Farage
  • Manu swims in the canal // Federica Mogherini
  • Diana, whose birthday is actually on Thursday, sings a mariachi song // Justin Trudeau
  • Alexander reminisces about fleeing from Bangkok military police // JFK
  • Eugenie leaves it up to Tristan // Xavier Bettel

POL was probably the best debate of yesterday’s night, a good alliance of humor and rigor. It is going to be hard to make a choice between these seven very motivated candidates.
EEIB / ECO: The Entrepreneurs

(DOINA Gabriela, LAGODNA Iryna,  AGOSTINI Célia, DESSARD Noël, RUIZ SALAD Victor: Remember that rules are slightly different here: one vote for EEIB and one vote for ECO)

A lot of concrete and solid proposals were outlined by the candidates. While her counterparts all insisted on the better connections to establish with the business world, Celia focused on our collective responsibility to make history and on our legacy to the next promotion.

The candidates also had the privilege of answering the most topical question of the evening, giving their personal analysis of the effect of a potential Trump election on Europe. Again, Celia decided to stand out from the crowd and to give an optimistic account of the outcome: it could be an opportunity for an EU confronted by American disengagement.

LAW: The Fighters


The shortest of all, the LAW debate was nonetheless rather heated. Despite the presence of three candidates, it turned out to be a duel between Pierre and Kasper, who had decided to run together on a north-south ticket, and Sara, the proud stand-alone. ‘Kaspierre’, as we should now call them, have a two point program: challenging academics and increasing career opportunities. Sara promises to be a dedicated student representative with one and only mantra: to offer her help.

A brave man from the crowd decided to help her in return by asking Pierre the sneakiest question of the evening: would he be able to overcome his French-Italian background and be open to all students? Not sure Pierre got the question but he still managed to get out of the trap by answering that his skills would help him to help his classmates in a department where half of all classes are taught in French. Well done. Taking advantage of the attack, Sara went on by suggesting that electing two candidates with two different projects was more useful than electing two candidates with one.

Will the ticket be split by voters? Find out on Thursday! All you have to know is that, if offered the opportunity, Kasper and Sara would rather have dinner with Margrethe Vestager and Pierre with Guy Verhofstadt.

Here are some pictures from the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by: Beata Thor


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