Bruges’ Black Monday


Students at the Bruges campus participate in Black Monday protests

By: Cora Herwartz

On Monday 3rd October more than fifty students gathered at the College of Europe’s Bruges campus to protest further restrictions on abortion legislation planned by the Polish government. Dressed in black, holding up banners and sharing photos on social media, they were some of the thousands of people worldwide participating in the Czarny Protest.

“This is not a question of political sympathy, but a violation of fundamental rights,” said Agata, the Polish student responsible for organising the Bruges campus protest. Everyone agreed that restricting access to termination procedures concerns not only Polish women, but anyone who believes personal freedom to be a value worth protecting.

“It’s a form of social regression,” said Armand, a French student participating in the protest, “these rights have already been obtained”. He notices a similarly disturbing tendency in his country of origin, “Le Front National is also developing a conservative discourse regarding the role of the woman in society.”

Agata, touched by the solidarity of students at the College, highlighted the importance of a European approach to tackling the Polish government’s proposal, “it is important to gather support not only from Poland, but from people all over Europe”.

La Voix du Collège will be covering recent events in Poland further in the upcoming October issue.


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