The Reps’ word

Dear Fellow Students of the Promotion Chopin,
We have had busy, but rewarding days as student representatives serving the best interest of our beloved students. It was a semester that was not always easy, notably with the grieving events around the world and the stress that can sometimes be overwhelming.
It is a task that comes with great responsibility, especially during our meetings with the somewhat Thatcherite administration (“No, no, no!”). Yes, the College is sometimes a bit rigid with all these rules, but we have been pushing forward for a new agenda. An agenda of a College, which is there to challenge the students intellectually, not administratively, giving them the chance to fully develop themselves during their year here.
For next semester we have multiple wishes, out of which here are the three main ones: Firstly, we want the students to have a stronger say in the College of Europe. Secondly, we wish to bring environmental and energy questions to the centre of the everyday functioning of the College. And finally, we wish to digitalize important parts of the College (timetables, feedback forms, part of the syllabi). To see these wishes fulfilled could become the heritage of our promotion when we look back at the College in 10 years.
We would also like to comment on topics of actuality. Our student representatives were not bribed with cookies during meetings. Also concerning the incident that presumably happened in the bar’s men’s room – We deny all accusations.

Together, and only together, one can achieve great things. As Gandalf the White once said: “There is always hope”, and thus we should look towards a year 2016 full of opportunities, full of chances, full of love. They are the elements constituting the real force that reigns upon the College Mafia.
While gathering supplies for a second semester of battles (greetings to the Academic Council), we want to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
Faithfully Yours,
Your Student Representatives*
*The Council of Student of Representatives (or shortly, The Council) is an intergovernmental body and statutes by unanimity.

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